Saturday, 20 April 2019

Did you know

Did you know?  If you use a clothes dryer to dry your clothes, put a large dry bath towel in with the wet clothes, clothes will dry quicker, because the dry towel absorbs the steam in the dryer.  comments welcome and follow,

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Work Advisor

What is the job of  a work advisor?  Frankly it`s like asking them to suck eggs to get them to do anything.  I was fired from my cleaning job after 20 year (should have been out of it years sooner)  Spent all my savings, almost, forced to sign on, I`m not bitter, my blog is growing, Thank You.  Love doing it too. Leave comments and follow.

Code of conduct

Be moderat, thrifty and efficient don`t be over indulgent, be in favour of the French way of life, have a little of what you fancy.
Be kind to the earth, waste as little as possible.  Declutter your home,fitt low energy bulbs and please do wash out that Wheelie Bin, once a week is great.  Comments welcome and do follow.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Did you know

Did you know?  You can use Table Salt as Weed Killer.  Pour 1 teaspoon over the weed then a little hot water, lasts weeks.  Also you can use Fabric conditioner on hair extensions or wigs, really soften them.  Leave a comment and follow, updates weekly. 

Saturday, 13 April 2019


Thrush, keep it to your self I hear you say.  Try this, buy Natual Greek Yogut, Organic if you can afford it, rub over gently on affected area.  Thank me in the comment box and do follow lol.

Hayfever suffers.

Hayfever suffers, suffer no more, try doing this.  Rub a little Vaseline in each nostril,instant relief from sneezing.  On closed eyes rub Vaseline gently over the eye area, instant relief from. icheing eyes.  The Vaseline works by collecting the Pollin there by stops systoms.  Leave a comment, do follow lots more.  updates weekly.

A Hole

It`s easy digging a hole for yourself but you just try getting out of it.  I speak from experience, having clawed my way out of many a hole, (dug for me by friends) I  didn't see it just fell in.  A betrayal of trust, the painful part is that it was done by people you know.  lessons have been learnt. Leave a comment and please follow. new post weekly.